Yes We Can!

Here you find recordings, links, worksheets and other resources for chapter 1.

Listen to the text

Who are the presidents?

Download the IWB-task. In teams, search the internet for information about five American presidents.

Want to know more about Barack Obama?

Watch this biography on Obama's life and political career.

Watch Obama's victory speech when he was first elected in 2008.

Watch the music video

Watch the Emmy winning collage style video inspired by Obama's speech.

Read an article about the video

ABC News: New Celeb-Filled Music Video for Obama


Download the IWB-task. And match the words to understand the lyrics.

Listen to the text

Watch a video

Obama explains his take on race and becoming the first black American president.

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Task 1: Count the votes

Worksheet 1.

Task 2: Compare election

Worksheet 2.

Watch a video

Watch various TV stations as the results come in.

Listen to the text

Odd one out

Download the IWB-task. Find the words that don't fit in.

Watch Obama through the years

Obama's acceptance speech when he was reelected in 2012.

Highlights from Obama's farewell adress in 2016.